Autumn is the season I cherish the most. I always thought there was something magical about it. November is seen as a rainy and grey month, but its unique atmosphere created by the crispness of the air, the earthy smell at dusk, the vibrant colours of the fallen leaves and the first snowflakes covering the land, makes it very special to me. Not to mention that I was born in November!

Fall for November also refers to nature, which plays a major role in my life. It defines who I am and inspires me to incorporate flora and fauna's hues into vibrant hand dyed yarns.

I was introduced into the knitting world by a good friend. It became a passion straight away. The creation of Fall for November was just the natural course of events as it gave me the opportunity to combine my enthusiasm for the fiber arts, my sense of creativity and my technical experience. As a lab technician, preparing solutions, mixing powders and following protocols have been part of my daily routine for nearly twenty years.

Every skein you purchase is prepared, dyed, skeined, labelled, packaged and shipped by me with great care and devotion, from my home in Canada, near Montreal. Thank you for making this amazing journey into the world of colours possible. I truly hope that Fall for November yarns will inspire you in the creation of marvelous projects.